Me, Myself and Irene – 1 star

Me, Myself and Irene.  Wretched. Unfunny, disgusting, self-indulgent poop from the Farrelly Brothers, who, apart from the inspired There’s Something About Mary, have delivered such dreck as Dumb and Dumber, Outside Providence, and Kingpin.  The movie – a formless miasma that makes the plot to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective look like Chinatown – is ostensibly about Rhode Island Highway Patrolman Jim Carrey, who has been taking crap for so long that he develops a psychotic condition replete with a mean alter ego.  It has one funny running joke (Carrey’s three black sons, who speak Hollywood jive but sport high IQ’s to the effect of “Shit, you be one dumb mutherfu**er, not knowing the speed velocity of the inverse quantum theorem, bitch”) that gets run into the ground, and Carrey’s physical comedy can occasionally make you laugh.  Otherwise, it is unwatchable.

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