Made – 3.5 stars

Made.  Jon Favreau’s follow-up to Swingers is less hilarious, less fresh, and more edgy, but it is still a very, very funny buddy movie.  Vince Vaughn plays Favreau’s childhood pal, a jumpy, almost Rupert Pupkinesque accomplice, unnerving, entertaining, and perhaps chemically imbalanced.  Favreau, a dopey boxer and bodyguard for his stripper girlfriend (he has a tendency to beat up the recipients of her lap dances) is assigned by LA mob boss Peter Falk to a drug buy in New York City. Favreau vouches for Vaughn and their travels become the movie.  Puff Daddy even holds his own as a New York thug.

If you liked Swingers, you’ll probably like this movie, but if you liked Swingers and King of Comedy, you almost assuredly will like it.

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