I am a lawyer and an avid movie watcher.  I’ve been writing film reviews for the last 15 years, and I started the blog as a repository for those reviews.  I use a five star system.  Some reviews are involved and long and some pretty much say what needs to be said in as little as one sentence.  I hope that the reviews can illuminate things you may not have considered in some of your favorite movies; direct you to films you otherwise would not have watched; prevent you from wasting 2 hours of your life that you will never, ever get back; and, on occasion, make you curse the day I saw my first film.

  1. brendan said:

    1) good on ya, 2) typo: review should be reviewS and 3) i wish you would have reviewed the last indy jones film, what a fucking waste…so to make up for it, i want reviews of “ice storm” and “boxing helena”. The latter i used as a date night flick and somehow still got laid. P.S. I pine for thee

  2. heather said:

    haha nice one brendan

  3. heather said:

    moderate it babe

  4. The moment any one of those movies is run, I’ll re-watch (or in the case of Boxing Helena, watch) and your wish will be my command.

  5. Erik said:

    I’ve been re-viewing some Oscar nominated films of the past recently. I’m a sucker for coming of age stories. I’d love to see a FV treatment of two from the late 1970’s: Breaking Away and Ordinary People.

    • On it the second I catch them again. Preliminarily, I’ll venture that the former will fare well and the latter, not so much.

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