The Last Black Man in San Francisco – 5 stars


A beautiful, creative meditation on what home is, what your place is, and how both can become foreign, lost or taken right under your feet.  The picture is subversively political without one overt pronouncement. Writer-director Joe Talbot’s first time feature is also so assured and deeply thought out, it is astounding.

Jimmy, a native San Franciscan, reclaims his boyhood home in the city, which he has been surreptitiously tending to for years, after the owners vacate it in an estate dispute.  He just moves in. His bond is familial and aesthetic, as much to the house as the city, which has transformed right under his feet.  The house is a stand-in for the community which becomes fractured and fungible, but community is never what you thought it really was.

This is an art film, but it is linear and focused. Moving and audacious, Talbot is a massive talent. I hope they give him an Avengers franchise.

Yes, that may be against the grain and ethos of the film, but he can still do art films!


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