Big Bad Mama – 2 stars

Five things recommend this film.

1) Angie Dickinson is beautiful and naked in the picture. First, with a very young Tom Skerritt and next–

2) with William Shatner, who is also naked in the picture, which, admittedly, detracts from Dickinson being naked.

3) Angie Dickinson is one helluva woman.

4) It is an exploitation, idiot picture that tried to be period (1930s Texas) and it is worth the rental alone to watch the modern 70s pop up in the 1930s.

5) This is Steve Carver work. Lone Wolf McQuade? Yes. That Steve Carver.

Dickinson’s naked scenes are about halfway through, and it’s only 83 minutes.

I saw this picture when I was 12 or 13 at my father’s apartment (he had the earliest version of cable-ready movies, which would show “racy” movies on weekend nights, so when we’d be at his apartment for the weekend, and he’d gone out, me and my brother got to see Russ Meyer movies, or movies with a naked Police Woman, from Big Bad Mama to Pretty Maids All in a Row, or Jacqueline Bisset in Secrets). It had an effect.


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