Avatar – 0 stars

Avatar.  If you are a 14 year old boy who thinks The Lion King script was opaque, Transformers was too sedate and you plan to major in Live Action Role Playing at college, then this is the film for you.  While there was a tussle on the politics of the film (it is, as a fact, virulently anti-corporate, anti-military, anti–Coca-Cola, anti-modern and anti-Bush, Iraq, Afghanistan etc . . .), the script is truly at the level of Disney’s Pocahontas so it’s hard to really go through the analysis with much gusto. That said, minor examples that for whatever reason made me laugh: the corporate shill’s name is Parker Selfridge and the psychotic “Burn the village and fu** saving it” stand-in for Lt. Calley is Col. Miles Quartich.

I’m guessing the first draft introduced Bernie Skilling and Col. Ariel Cheney but legal problems ensued



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