The Man Who Invented Christmas – 5 stars

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Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) has had three flops and his “A Christmas Carol” is a must-win.  We spend the film watching Dickens cobble his daily observances into the book, and soon, he is followed by all of its characters, who inspire him to write more, or mock his writer’s block (most of the mocking is by way of Scrooge, played with a sly bite by Christopher Plummer).  The end of the book tortures Dickens, but much like Scrooge himself, addressing his personal demons brings the author to resolution and redemption.  This is great fun, very well-done and will take a post on my ten “must see” list of Christmas films next December.  Here are the other nine:

A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott version)

About a Boy

Die Hard

It’s a Wonderful Life

Arthur Christmas

A Christmas Story


Bad Santa

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. 1. Loved this flick
    2. You forgot Love Actually
    3. I loved About a Boy but nobody thinks of it as a CHristmas movie

  2. 1. I figured it was up your alley
    2. Atrocious film
    3. All the best scenes are Christmas. It ends with a unifying Christmas wrap-up. His money is derived from Santa’s Super Sleigh, which is also the chain he forges daily. Dummy!
    4. YES IT IS!

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