The Woman in Black – 4 stars

I took my daughter and her friends to see this chiller. Daniel Radcliffe graduated from Hogwarts and has attained a position as a turn-of- the-century barrister in England. He’s recently widowed and is tasked with the unenviable assignment of winding up the estate of a recently deceased woman in the English countryside. The moment he gets in to town, he starts seeing creepy things and children start dying.

The plot is thin but serviceable, Radcliffe has some range (his recent stint hosting Saturday Night, Live was very good) and he’s helped by Ciaran Hinds, but most importantly, this movie scared the crap out of me.  There is one creepy and/or jarring visual after another, a constant sense of dread, and many inventive ways to get your skin to crawl.  The Woman in Black is half ghost story, half haunted house ride.   Best of all, no gore porn torture, just good, clean spooky fun.  More of a ride than a film. We had a blast.

  1. Stacie said:

    I had the peculiar honor of running the spotlight for the first theatrical (stage, not screen) performance of this in the United States and it was a startlingly good play. I’m glad to read the movie is worth going to.

    • It is funny you mention that because I actually saw the play at the Olney Theater in Maryland in the late 80s and it scared the crap out of me then, but I’d forgotten I saw it until I saw this movie.

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