Humpday – 2.5 stars

Humpday.  A sometimes clever but unsuccessful spin on the “bro-mance.”  Two heterosexual old friends reunite, one is recently married and on the baby track, the other is an artist “less Kerouac than he likes to think.”  They booze it up, hang with bohemian free-love, dope smoking cool cats and the staid friend becomes wistful for the free life.  Here it is – they agree (or challenge each other) to have sex on camera as part of a Seattle art project (“Humpday”). 

I know, I know.  And it is such a large hump to get over that the first 15 minutes are hard to endure.  But it gets better, especially as the dynamics are juiced by the utterly baffled wife.  Then, the last scene – the hotel room where they are to film their sex act – becomes interminable. 

A noble failure.

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