Ray Donovan – 0 stars

After watching Showtime’s premiere of Ray Donovan, a compelling crime drama about the consummate “fixer” in LA, I was enthusiastic.

Boy was I wrong.  Seven episodes in, and I’m calling it quits. What promised to be a smart, hard-edged look at the worlds of celebrity, law and crime when they intersect has become a ridiculous, overblown meditation on family, coated by some of the worst Boston accents I’ve heard since Thirteen Days.  I’ll identify one issue that I think says it all.

If you needed to have your father killed in LA, would you

A) use your ample connections in LA’s underworld, protected by your even more ample connections in LA’s law enforcement community, to do the job


B) go to your hometown of Boston to invite Public Enemy #1 Whitey “James Woods” Bulger to come out of hiding for a trip to LA to do the job?



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